Monday 21 September 2009


I went through our "scrap Drawer" yesterday and decided I should try to use up some of the smaller bits of paper.
I cut the scraps into 2" pieces backed each with Black card and played around with some of our stamps using mostly "Vintage Ladies" and "Silhouettes & Shadows" stamps by Hot Off The Press.
I laid the stamped images out and arranged them 'till I was pleased with the layout
then attached them to an 8"X8" piece of Black card using foam pads to lift every other image, this give the whole thing a two dimensional feel.

I think this would make great piece of wall art if I frame it, or else I'll have to invest in some 8"X8" cards and envelopes. ;0)
Vince X


  1. What a fantastic way to use up some scraps. I agree, you should make it into wall art - it's too pretty not to display it.

    PS. Thanks very much for your lovely comments on my blog, much appreciated. x

  2. How lovely to have created this piece just because...of nothing more that art itself. I love it, Vince. Please frame it and display it in your home. Be proud of this - it is wonderful!

  3. Great art piece - one for the wall def.!
    Good way of using up offcuts of paper - I have a box full!!

  4. Gorgeous, Vince! Lovely for the wall, but you could extend it and make an alrenative chess board!

  5. As usual you make the ordinary into a work of art, its beautiful

    Beverley xxx

  6. I agree this is one definitely for the wall.
    A great piece of work


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