Friday 15 January 2010

Bagpuss Window

I thought I'd have a play around with some of the decoupage sheets of "Bagpuss" and friends that I bought a while ago.
They are printed by "The Craft House Press" and available here from my good friend Gill at

In the tv series Bagpuss and his pals are always found sitting in a window patiently waiting for Emily to bring them home a new "thing". 

I made the window from a slightly wider sheet of card than the 5"X7" base card I backed it with accetate and attached it via flaps on each side so that the window bowed.

The "Bagpuss & Co" sign was stuck on with foam pads to give it a bit of dimension.

I think it's rather cute  ;o)

Vince X

Monday 11 January 2010

Template for Deco Card

A few people have asked me how I made the Black Deco Card (see below) with the pull flaps on the sides and "opening curtains".
I have attempted to make a template for anyone that can make sense of it to use.

After printing this template onto card, use it to cut two from your chosen card stock, cut either a Rectangle or an Oval window from the center of one.

Decorate the back of the card  -  I printed off one of Nancy Watt's backgrounds from her Art Deco Designs CD which can be purchased here at - Create and Craft
I also printed off, cut out then foam backed the picture of the gentleman and foam mounted it so that it stood slightly proud of the background.
The 2 curtains were added last - while glueing the two side flaps together just catch the long outer edges of the curtains between the two flaps before applying the second flap.

Decorate the outside of the card (I glued a printed framed panel from the CD to the back for the greeting) Peel offs and a printed white greyhound finished the card.

When the card is flat the curtains should look shut, but pulling on the sides should open them.

Gosh,  I hope this all makes sense LOL!!

Vince X

Sunday 3 January 2010

Nancy Watt's - My Craft Studio - Art Deco Pack

As I've said before I love Nancy's artwork and so was grateful to the lovely Stephanie and Zoe for yet another chance to make some samples for the Pick of the week on Ideal World's Create and craft (started on 1st January 1210)

The software was simple to use, the beautiful images are all interchangeable making it easy to construct your own  picture scenes using the figures, icons, colours and backgrounds on the cd, you can also print an image to any size up to A4 without losing picture quality, so it's easy to print off large customised pictures for an A4 sized card, all images can be colour changed as well.
This one cd was packed with things, there are ready made cards, Toppers, Picture frames, Large images of Ladies with hats, Digital stamps for you to colour (see "Putting On the Ritz card above)
You can also print off your own custom envelopes and inserts to match your cards.
 Using the "Die Cut Studio" also on the cd you can print off your own Pyramage and Invertage images too.

I know it sounds like i'm overselling the product but I'm a big believer that if you find a cool craft product tell the world!

If you like the Art Deco era this cd is a must have
Available here from Ideal World/Create and Craft


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