Monday 11 January 2010

Template for Deco Card

A few people have asked me how I made the Black Deco Card (see below) with the pull flaps on the sides and "opening curtains".
I have attempted to make a template for anyone that can make sense of it to use.

After printing this template onto card, use it to cut two from your chosen card stock, cut either a Rectangle or an Oval window from the center of one.

Decorate the back of the card  -  I printed off one of Nancy Watt's backgrounds from her Art Deco Designs CD which can be purchased here at - Create and Craft
I also printed off, cut out then foam backed the picture of the gentleman and foam mounted it so that it stood slightly proud of the background.
The 2 curtains were added last - while glueing the two side flaps together just catch the long outer edges of the curtains between the two flaps before applying the second flap.

Decorate the outside of the card (I glued a printed framed panel from the CD to the back for the greeting) Peel offs and a printed white greyhound finished the card.

When the card is flat the curtains should look shut, but pulling on the sides should open them.

Gosh,  I hope this all makes sense LOL!!

Vince X

1 comment:

  1. Thank you Vince for this great template...
    Hope i can make it look as good as you did
    Hugs Alison.


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