Sunday 29 May 2011


In the late 1960s my stepfather bought my mother a tiny handmade felt mouse which is about 2" high, I thought she'd make a great card topper so drew her and made this card from the sketch.
I've uploaded her as a PDF in 3 different sizes (coloured and uncoloured) if you'd like to have a go at colouring her yourself, you can download her HERE.

Vince x


  1. This is an adorable little mouse! And your card is gorgeous, Vince. Love, love it! Thanks for sharing your talent with the downloads :o) ~Molly

  2. Vince this is so enchanting, thank you for sharing her with us. I had to download it in Internet Explorer, but leave a comment in Firefox! A bit frustrating. Blogger is not behaving today!!! Judith xx

  3. She is a lovely image you are very talented thanks for sharing her.

  4. so adorable, thanks for sharing!

    Sarah x

  5. This card is so beautiful Vince.

  6. Love this card, and the little mouse is so, so adorable!! I need to send a Thank You card to a very good friend of mine and I am going to use this sweet little mouse on it!!
    Thank you so much for sharing it and giving me this inspiration!!!
    If it turns out as nice as yours I will show you a picture of it. Hope it does!!!

  7. This is super adorable, Vince, and your card design is brilliant. Thanks bunches, Teresa

  8. At last I've taken time out to browse your excellent blog and am delighted to find this is still up for grabs. Many thanks:) Incidentally, as today is my cat's 2nd birthday, I made him a digi card using your dancing witchy mice inset within another digi stamp. Hope that's OK.


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