Friday 7 August 2009

Owl's it going

As Owl's are the bird du jour I thought I'd have a go at an Owl card, this was the result.
This was my first attempt at braying (behind the owl) and I didn't have a scolloped edged oval so I had to cut one from black card freehand which I think gives it a more "handmade" look.
The Owl and branch stamp are from "The Angel Company" and although you can't see it from this picture are mounted on foam pads.

The "Owl's it going?" stamp is also from "The Angel Company".
It went a bit off center when I stamped it ... but hey, no-ones perfect!


  1. Would never have noticed the slightly off centre stamping if you hadn't told me ;-)and the patience and skill to cut your own scalloped mat is something I envy.Lovely quirky owl.

  2. Love how you did this card... Wonderful!


  3. You cut your own scallop mat? Patience of a saint!

    Great card.



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