Thursday 4 February 2010

Emo Card

It's my niece's 16th Birthday soon and as she's a bit of an Emo I decided to sketch her in true Gothic style and used the same method of card I used before on the Black Deco card I just cut a different shaped front window.
The back of the card is the same colour as her skirt.(Pink & Black)
As the card opens so the purple curtains pull back to reveal the Birtday girl.
I kept the card itself pretty simple as I wanted my drawing to be the eye catching part.
I hope she likes it!?

Vince X


  1. I am sure she will love it to bits! It's Fantastic!

  2. Vince, sorry I have not been around in a while. This card is amazing and I am sure your Niece will love it.


  3. Love it! I never got cards like this on my 16th....or any of the years since then :-) She's a very lucky girl!!

  4. Great card, hope she loves it! =)

    Hugs, Elenor

  5. she is gonna love it hun..its fantastic

    hugs shell xx


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