Saturday 27 February 2010

Wallpaper Sample Card

My younger brother gave us 2 huge old wallpaper sample books a while back containing beautiful paper and fabric samples.
It's his birthday soon so I thought I'd make him a card from the samples to show I have used them.
The picture I chose only had one full image of the woman's face within the  decorative frame, the other cropped image just had the inner circle (top left of picture)
As I wanted to decoupage the face I cut the face from the frame as the hole would be covered anyway with the circle topper.

I covered the back of the frame with a circle of card so that I could apply sticky foam pads to "lift" it from the card and to give me some support for the decoupaged topper.

After decoupaging the face I added it then applied gems around the edge of the frame and silver peel off  "leftovers" around the edge of the circle.
Because the main image was so detailed I left the rest of the card quite plain.
After inking the the edges of the green fabric I added it and the topper to the slightly textured white card, ran a thin silver peel off along it's right edge and stamped the sentiment and rounded off the edges.

Vince X


  1. Awesome Vince, a fabulous idea. Hugs x

  2. I have just had a fascinating wander through your blog for about an hour after seeing your work highlighted by 'Inspirational' Couldn't tear myself away it's fabulous. You somehow manage to put together the simplest things and come up with some wonderful pieces - I hope you don't mind if I copy one or two of your ideas ( i wouldnt copy your cards)and i am going to become a follower to see what else you get up to !:)

  3. Fantastic! I wouldn't want it as wallpaper, but It makes a wonderful card!

  4. Wow Vince what a style you have love that neoclassical look bordering on Versace but with so much more taste lol great card great paper and all for free lucky you bet there's loads in there you can use thanks for sharing big love marc

  5. Congtratulaions on being featured on Inspirational. You have a great blog with beautiful cards and lovely ideas. Elaine

  6. dreadful wallpaper but stunning card.... your faeries are incredible.
    xxx lynx

  7. Found you via Inspirational and have meandered through your lovely blog. I'm in awe of your talent. This card is brilliant, what a great idea.


  8. To improvise with something so ornate and yet produce a piece that is not OTT is talent indeed. Have you found Simplicity yet - it is a blog after your own heart! (& not self-promotion)


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