Sunday, 21 March 2010

Dawn Bibby's birthday card.

A rather large card that I made for Dawn Bibby from QVC (UK), we went to see her at Olympia on Friday, she was rather bemused by it  :0)
Inside it has a poem called "Queen of Craft" .
Dawn really is a sweetheart, I admire her a lot.

We also presented Julian Ballantyne with his very own "Bibbyology" certificate kindly signed and dated by Dawn.
He was so pleased with it and showed it off proudly to everyone.
For those of you that don't know Julian he's a long serving presenter on QVC (Uk) a great guy who is always hinting he should get an ology for his rather "over enthusiastic" crafting abilities.
Well now he has one though it is a basic level certificate.

We were pleased at last to meet Amy Shaw, another presenter on QVC (UK) who was so friendly and attentive.

The highlight of the day for us was to meet Marc a fellow crafter who spent the whole afternoon walking round the event with us.

All in all we had a great day and met some wonderful people.

Vince X


  1. Gorgeous card, Vince :-D

    I love that you gave Julian his craftology certificate too!

  2. WOW its a stunner Vince. LOL at the Craftology Certificate for Julian. He is soooo funny. Hxoxox

  3. Fabulous card, Vince! Glad you had a wonderful time and made Julian's day!

  4. Would have loved to have seen it. Bet Dawn was thrilled - Julian will be bragging even more!! Like Fabs I am a big fan of JN - her mice stamps are the cards people always want.Prudence

  5. Love this card Vince its fantastic, how did you do it!!!!???? In fact love them all, what was Gina talking about 'your little monsters?'

    Keep crafting....Huggles Ann xxxx

  6. Hi Vince, there's a little gift for you at my blog
    love as always Gina x x x

  7. lol made me smile !
    We have a competition running atm come and check it out on our craft blog

  8. How brilliant! What a great day you both had too. Can't wait to see both the card and the certificate plugged on QVC but will have to wait a while, I think.

  9. Wow, Vince, I hadn't seen this until today. It is amazing!!!!!!!!
    You are so talented.


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