Thursday 6 August 2009

Animal Crackers Card

I wanted to make an "old fashioned" card for my brother's birthday.

like a 1930s card, rather plain, simple and aged. ( just like me - tee hee )
I found some old children's paper with a great animal print but couldn't enlarge the image because it was saved (yonks ago) at a low resolution.

So I copied the animals I needed and made them into a topper.
I then printed out the whole sheet and dabbed a soggy teabag over it all and left it to dry.(making sure NOT to leave any white paper showing through the design)
When dry I cut and glued the backing sheet to a 4"X 8" card then edged with a brown ink pad.
Using wavy decorative edged scissors I cut a thin strip of muted red cardstock top and bottom and backed it with brown card also cut with the scissors so that a thin border of brown showed top and bottom, This was then glued along the center of the card.

Two more thin strips of cut muted red cardstock were added near to the top and bottom of the card with the wavy edge facing inwards.
The easiest way to get them the same is to cut the wavy edge first then trim the straight edges to equal sizes

I left a thin border on the toppers and mounted them on Bronze cardstock, drew round the animals black outline with a CLEAR Sakura pen then positioned the toppers using thick foam pads.

Download the PDF file Animal Cracker

Vince x


  1. Wow Vince - this is a fabulous card. Love the way you have co-ordinated the colours and distressed the paper with the tea bag.

  2. Hi Vince, welcome to the world of blogging. I love this card. Reminds me of some wallpaper I had as an infant, which I just loved. That is meant as a compliment as that wallpaper always made me happy. Came home from school one day and my Dad had papered over with more grown up paper and I was well upset.

  3. Absolutely delightful. Thanks to Vince for getting you to do a blog. Keep them coming - Prudence

  4. Thank you everyone for all your kind words of encouragement. I do appreciate it.- Vince

  5. That's really lovely Vince, you must have a very steady hand and a good eye. I can't cut a straight (or wavy ;-)) line with scissors.


  6. Fabulous Card!~ Love how you did this card.
    Good Job!



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