Wednesday 5 August 2009

Fairy Dance Card

This is my first blog, I'll be posting cards and other stuff I made as I go along. Come back and check every so often, thanks for following this blog. I hope this will give you ideas for your own crafting. Hugs Vince !

The cards was made using Smarty Pants stamps and the fairies were handcut by myself from black cardstock. Edges were inked.


  1. I LOVE IT! You are just so creative! I would have never been able to hand cut those by hand on my own...I need something to follow!! Your creativity amazes me! I can't wait to see more! LOVE YOU! Greta

  2. Vince, congratulations on your blog. Looks nice and I always love your cards...can't wait to come back and see more...shirley

  3. Love the card and welcome to blogger. Looking forward to seeing more of your creativity! Hazelxoxo

  4. Welcome to blogland Vince - about time too! Beautiful fairy card. Looking forward to seeing your lovely creations more often now you have your own blog.

  5. Congratulations on starting your very own blog and to start it off which such a beautiful card too xx

    well done you x

  6. Vince nice to see you finally have a blog.
    Your card is just cut thoses fairies by really are talented, you and Fab make a great team. Inspirational!!!
    Keep up the great work, looking forward to see more fabulous creations June x

  7. What a gorgeous card Vince. Thanks for sharing.


  8. What a wonderful card, love your fairies.
    Great looking blog BTW

  9. Hi Vince

    Welcome to blogland. I love this card, the fairies are great like this.

    Look forward to future visits

    Ali x

  10. Hi Vince
    Welcome to the Blog's World!!!
    Love this card... absolutely beautiful


  11. Wow, great cards Vince. Can't believe you have waited so long to share your work. Those fairy cuts are amazing. Will surely be following your ideas and must download those cute monsters that you drew. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.

  12. Beautiful work all of it, I have just looked back on your whole blog..........Fab was right you are good and your challenge card for this week is lovely too (I shall be having an go at one too)your drawing is fantastic I am amazed !!
    Hugs Susie xx

  13. Well, it appears that I have finally come to the end, or the rather the beginning I suppose. I hope I didn't break Blogger with all the comments I have left you over the last 2.5 hours! I am definitely a fan and have become your 500th follower. Congratulations on reaching such an incredible milestone. I've also signed up to receive your posts through email so I don't miss any of your new stuff. I wish I could have left comments on all your posts but well...I'd still be sitting here another two hours from now and I need to get busy creating some digital papers to post on own blog before heading downstairs for the evening. Suffice it to say that your card making is incredible.

    You are very talented and I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

    Lisa D.


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