Wednesday 26 August 2009


I used to love playing Marbles as a kid, I was quite a dab hand at it too and had a HUGE bag of marbles that had all sorts of silly names. You "had to" use the "lingo" while playing and use equal or slightly better quality Marbles to the ones you were trying to win.

This is my little homage 5"X7" card to all men of a certain age that remember playing this game as a kid.

The card was covered in my Marble paper (Included on the download) and covered with a strip of Sage green card that had been run through a "ribber" and backed with black card.

I then used a template to cut out the words, aged them with a brown ink pad and backed them with black card.

After backing the picture and foam padding it to left of the card , I then added the words and dotted some clear round gel stickers to some of the marbles to give it a bit of interest.

I think this is my favourite card so far (it bought back a lot of fond memories for me)

I have a few ideas for more of these type of cards which I'll try to get done in the near future.

CLICK HERE to download "Marble Players" PDF file.


  1. Vince, this is such a FAB card, I always have trouble with cards for grown-up males, and this is just perfect, thanks so much :)

  2. Wow thank you so much this is just perfect for my dad off our girls...thanks again hun

    hugs shell xx

  3. Vince, it's not just men of a certain age. I was queen of the marble players at my juniour school. Loved it. Those were the days when you had a drain in your garden with a nice perfectly sized well in it for flicking your marbles into. You must recall sixers. I adored those huge marbles and used to pester my Mum to buy me bags of the ones I couldn't win.

    Ooops almost forgot to comment on this brilliant card, and your great drawings, got so carried away in nostalgia there.

    Love the colours.



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